Hair & Beauty

gender neutral – judgment free

asp colour specialist salon 2014 – 2020

the service you want regardless of who you are

vegan friendly – eco salon

We started through hard work, determination, technical excellence, and fantastic word of mouth from people like you, we have grown from three chairs in a little salon in Bedminster, England, to where you experience us today. 

In our salon you will find comfort, familiarity and great stylists who live to work in our beloved profession.

They engage, excite and are as bold and daring as you want them to be.  We bring beautiful colour to life, with exceptional cutting in a friendly environment where you feel comfortable, secure and wanted.

Our passion is hair and all things hair-related. We are diverse, motivated, interested, gentle, brave, beautiful, educated in hair and life. And we are always listening, always friendly, and committed to making sure you have a positive experience.

We believe in engaging with your needs, your conversation, your passion, your daily circumstance for your hair. For us at Barber Brown it all starts with, ‘Hello, I am your hair stylist’.


With two floors in our massive building we are able to accommodate your needs with plenty of social distancing. 

our upper salon has been remodeled to accommodate 5 styling chairs all spaced 2 meters apart. 

We are wearing face covering and visors and are consistently cleaning down after every client. We deep clean the building on a regular basis.

in the meantime we ask that you follow this procedure when visiting. But please let us know your outside, we’d hate to miss you. 

  • Please wait outside at the door and we will come to great you

  • Please bring: a mask your own reading materials and your own drink/food.

  • Please come alone with no guests, children or pets.  Children will need to sit independently for appointments, with parent waiting outside

  • Do NOT attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household is unwell.

  • Pay with card only. Our preferred payment is online.

  • Please wash your hands on arrival